Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Covered Bridge History at DMGCC

Covered Bridges of Des moines Golf and Country Club

The covered bridge on # 2 of the south course was the idea and donated by a group of members known as the T.O.M. Foursome ( Tired Old Men ). This group was headed by Gerry Sumner and also included; Stormy Stormes, Howard Sole, Edward Davis, Orville Garrett and Oliver Kirkeby.

The bridge at #2 south was designed by Tom G. Higgins after many hours of research to maintain authenticity of construction methods and materials. The roof was built using the time tested method of board and batten substructure with wood shingles. Tom also supervised the construction of the bridge which was accomplished by W. R. Main Contractor. Actual construction was completed in the spring of 1974.

In 1990 two member groups, the Sweet Swingers and High Rollers Invitational Committee, along with other club members donated the covered bridge on #10 of the north course in the memory of Mr. Gary Lilly.

This bridge was designed and engineered by Carlye W. Peterson. Carlyle used the concepts developed by Tom Higgins and made structural changes due to the larger size of this bridge. Carlyle incorporated split ring connectors at all bolted cross member joints to assure structural integrity. After a long search split ring connectors and the special tool to install them were located on the east coast by Mark C. Leachman . Construction of this bridge was accomplished by the course maintenance staff lead by Don Altman, Superintendent of the north course. The bridge was constructed during the winter of 1990- 1991 and dedicated the spring of 1991.