Friday, November 27, 2009

DMGCC, 2nd Location in the Waterbury Area

After Mr. Polk asked for his land back the club moved to an area just south of Waveland Golf Course. Thomas Bendelow was the architect for the golf course. Here is a picture of Bendelow. He was an employee of the Spalding Company and they had just invented the Haskell Golf Ball. Bendelow traveled the United States promoting golf, the golf ball and designing golf courses. He was known as the "Johnny Appleseed of American Golf". Here is a picture of him.

The Clubhouse was a magnificent building and was located at 49th and Harwood Ave. Here is a photo of it in 1920.

Here is a photo of that layout that the club used from 1903 - 1923. Bendelow did do the design at that time and it was said to be a wonderful layout and the first Iowa Open was played at this location.

Not much is left of the old course, no one knows what happened to that magnificent clubhouse. As I drive through the area today you can only wonder how it looked at that time. Many of the homes were built in that era and not much worked was done to the land so many of the land forms stayed the same.