Friday, November 27, 2009

DMGCC on Ashworth Road, 3rd Location

The club moved to this location in 1923. Sprague, Pearce and Robinson were the landscape architects who were hired to design and help relocate the DMGCC because the 20 year lease was set to run out in 1923. An area was purchased just north of White Pole Road (Ashworth Road).

Here is a newspaper clip of the design of the club as it appeared in the Des Moines Register and Tribune.

Here is an aerial photo of that area in 1938.

Here is an aerial photo of that area in 1956.

Here is an areial photo of that area in 1967. Note the Interstate 235 on both sides of the property.

Here is a photo of that area and how it looks today.

An interesting note if you drive through Guide One Insurance the old club house is still intact and is used as a printing building. There are a couple of old tees that still show up in the landscaping. There is some old concrete just south of the clubhouse that has the depths of the swimming pool still marked in the concrete.