Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November 2008

From the Golf Course,

With the forecasted low temperatures in the teens and low 20's for the next couple of evenings, we face the potential of having our putting greens freeze at the surface and not thaw out during the day. While this is normal, we face the potential of not being able to staple down our greens covers.

The soil is very wet right now due to the recent rains and with the forecasted low temperatures the wet soil freezes much quicker and may not thaw out. This is especially true in the greens with a high sand content. The North course has several more high sand content greens than the South course and is therefore is of more concern at this time. Because of this we are closing the North course today.

With our current levels of play the South course alone should adequately meet our needs. Our plan at this time is to keep the South course open for a little longer, so if we do have some nicer days you will be able to play. Once we feel that the ground will freeze and remain frozen we will close the South.

Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS