Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pre emergent on your home yard

I receive a lot of questions concerning the crabgrass and goosegrass that homeowners get in their home yards. Many people put these pre emergent controls on their yards in the spring of the year. But here at the club I apply these products now at the end of November. Why? Because when the soil temperatures are below 50 degrees, soil microbes are not active, this means that the product will not break down and be wasted but will sit there as a dormant fertilizer and when it warms up in the spring, it will be there ready to do it's job. There are a few weeds like knotweed that germinate very early and if you don't have a control product in place, you will have weeds. We do go reapply in some certain areas like bunker faces, that have high weedy grass pressure.

So if you have the time right now to go out and make that pre emergent application by all means do so, this will give you more time to golf in the spring!