Monday, December 14, 2009

Summer Internship Work Schedule

Having over 45 people work for us in the summer time can sometimes be very intense. Many times over the years people have asked me what everyone does for work, that is a very hard question to answer. Many of our jobs are very specific and detailed and they take a very skilled person to do those jobs. This past year I was fortunate to have 2 summer interns work for us here at DMGCC. One of those gentleman is Ty Boley and he had to detail his day to day work for his summer grade. I thought it was very interesting to see a recap of what he did for the summer and thought I would include it on my blog page. When you see set up on his daily log, that means golf course setup, which could be changing cups, moving tee markers and trash detail.

13-May Startup paperwork, setup, irrigation repair
14-May Setup, irrigation repair
15-May Setup, planted flowers at clubhouse, irrigation work
16-May Setup, planted flowers at clubhouse
17-May Setup, planted flowers at clubhouse
18-May Setup, moved tee markers behind fertilizer, watered in the fertilizer with irrigation.
19-May Setup, weeded and edged all sand bukers
20-May Sprayed Vessel(2,4-D) around all water ways, ponds and creeks.
21-May Setup, irrigation repair, setup Daconil plot w/ Luke Dant(Syngenta Representative), sprayed plot w/ Daconil, Manicure, and 3 control plots. Pictures taken.
22-May Sprayed Triamine(2,4-D) on dandelions. Irrigation repair.
23-May Off
24-May Off
25-May Off
26-May Planted flowers at clubhouse, replaced bentgrass plugs on a practice green
27-May Sprayed Glyphosate(Roundup) around all trees
28-May Sprayed Glyphosate(Roundup) around all trees, sprayed the Daconil plots for the second time on numbers 10 South and 16 North, staff meeting
29-May Weeded and edged all sand bunkers, cut sod at Clubhouse, added soil and replaced w/ new sod.
30-May Setup, watered flowers. Helped set greens mowers.
31-May Setup, watered flowers. Helped set greens mowers.

1-Jun Irrigation repair, weedeated around trees, cut suckers, detail work.
2-Jun Cleaned shop, sharpened tools, setup, extended a wood fence.
3-Jun Worked on fence, cut down dead trees, worked on presentation of Daconil project for the Greens and Grounds meeting.
4-Jun Setup, unloaded sand from dumptrunk w/ skidloader, attended Greens and Grounds Committee meeting, cut dead trees, staff meeting
5-Jun Watered flowers, spray painted all water hazards around the course, replaced scalped bentgrass plugs
6-Jun Off
7-Jun Off
8-Jun Setup, cut trees, sprayed 2,4-d, moved tee markers and picked up trash, covered plots on South course.
9-Jun Setup, sprayed roundup around trees, filled bunkers w/ sand, covered test plots w/ plastic for fairway spray on North course
10-Jun Took assistant superintendant test, sprayed roundup around trees.
11-Jun Setup, cut trees, chainsaw maintenance, sharpened chains, staff meeting
12-Jun VertiCut collars, backfilled dirt around a pond retaining wall, fertilized tees (15-0-29 @ 3.3 lbs/1000ft2)
13-Jun Drug dew of fairways, setup
14-Jun Setup, watered flowers, trimmed trees
15-Jun Setup, set tee markers behind broom and mower, cut dead trees, replaced plugs on green because of snow mold damage
16-Jun Off
17-Jun Setup, sprayed roundup around equipment and buildings
18-Jun Weedeated around trees, sprayed around trees, Country Club Invitational preperation
19-Jun Irrigation repair, weedeated around trees, cut suckers, detail work, tile line work in pond washout.
20-Jun Off
21-Jun Off
22-Jun Set up, replaced sod where stumps were, sprayed horsepower around trees for thistle and other broadleafs
23-Jun Layed sod and watered, watered flowers around tees, mowed fairways, replaced some bentgrass plugs on greens
24-Jun Setup, moved tee markers, cleaned debris from storm the night before, detail work for preperation for CCI
25-Jun Setup, Buffalo Blower on all fairways and paths, cleaned debris, weedeated around trees and wet areas, meet w/ Dr. Christians about plots on #10 South
26-Jun Setup, drug fairways, cleaned up debris, cut trees, watered sod, cut up fallen trees
27-Jun Setup, moved tee markers, helped Superintendents w/ CCI
28-Jun Setup, watered flowers and sod
29-Jun Setup, broadcast spread insecticide (Merit 0.5G) for white grub control around all greens and tees

1-Jul Setup, Topdressed greens, broomed greens, filled sink hole #4 South w/ soil and concrete
2-Jul Spread fertilizer around pool and clubhouse (32-0-10), Worked on #4 South bridge destruction and rebuild
3-Jul Setup, Sodded around #4 bridge project, planted some flowers @ #4
4-Jul Off
5-Jul Off
6-Jul Set markers, sprayed tees w/ daconil (Dollar Spot control)
7-Jul Setup, Layed bentgrass sod in #6 and #14 fairways, blew off paths
8-Jul Setup, Finished up on #4 waterway including the sod and bridge
9-Jul Setup, got all chemical ready for Daconil trial, staff meeting, cleaned shop
10-Jul Daconil trial, watered sod and flowers, got pumps ready, cut fallen tree, Smithco in bunkers
11-Jul Complete course setup, watered sod
12-Jul Setup, watered flowers
13-Jul Swept south and east range tees, broomed greens after aerification and topdressing, setup, watered flowers and sod
14-Jul Setup, Rolled sod w/ greens roller, trimmed bushes, weedwhacked around the house and garage
15-Jul Setup, sprayed Sedgehammer,
16-Jul Mowed greens, watered sod and flowers, Sprayed tees
17-Jul Setup, trimmed around tee stones and 150 yard markers,
18-Jul Off
19-Jul Off
20-Jul Fertilized tees South, Setup, watered sod, put in new tile on #15 South
21-Jul Fertilized tees North, Pumped bunkers and Smithco in bunkers, Finished #15 tile project, new sod, trimmed trees
22-Jul Topdressed greens, cut cups, sprayed round-up, pulled rope and stake around all the old stump sod
23-Jul Setup, moved markers, sprayed plots on #10 South and #16 North, trimmed trees, Bladed gravel path
24-Jul Detail work around mulch beds for Member/Member tournament,trimmed trees,dug in an inground trash can/worked on auger and tractor
25-Jul Setup, set and fueled mowers
26-Jul Setup, watered flowers and hand-watered greens
27-Jul Sprayed fairways (Eximo and TriCure)
28-Jul Setup, hand-watered greens
29-Jul Set tee markers, filled ball washers, cut around tee yardage stones and 150 yard markers
30-Jul Setup, covered Daconil plots for fairway spray, sprayed round-up
31-Jul Setup, trimmed trees, watered sod and flowers

1-Aug Off
2-Aug Off
3-Aug Setup, watered staging area, prepared for Damsel Duo, pumped bunkers
4-Aug Setup, pruned tree nursery, sprayed roundup
5-Aug Pulled and set markers w/ tee sprayer, sprayed Vessel, Horsepower, Drive, and Sedgehammer for broadleafs, Crabgrass, and Nutsedge. Moved flowers to clubhouse, fertilized A-4 nursery.
6-Aug Sprayed fairways North w/ Subdue and Banol for pythium control, sprayed Daconil plots
7-Aug Setup, trimmed trees, sprayed roundup, preperation for US Ameture Qualifier, Staff meeting
8-Aug Setup, watered greens and other hot spots
9-Aug Setup, watered hot spots
10-Aug Pumped bunkers both courses after 1" rain and storm, cleaned the course of branches and leaves, blew off paths US Ameture Qualifier @ Des Moines Golf
11-Aug Setup, trimmed trees, cut down damaged tree from storm using pole saw and lift
12-Aug Broomed greens after topdressing, changed pin positions on all practice greens, cut tee stone yardage markers, filled par 3 holes w/ green sand, changed out tines in aerator
13-Aug Aerified sod field w/ 3/4" hollow tines
14-Aug Sod field preperation and planting w/ low mow Kentucky Bluegrass @ 100lbs/A
15-Aug Setup, Sprayed sod field w/ Tenacity pre-emmergent herbicide
16-Aug Setup, Fertilized sod field w/ MAPP 10-50-0
17-Aug Moved equipment around, rain day, clean up
18-Aug Setup, sprayed Horsepower and Sedgehammer
19-Aug Aerified range tees w/ 1/2" hollow tines, used core harvester on Cushman