Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Founders Picture

Jim Cutter passed this photo along to me. It is a photo taken of some of the first DMGCC members sitting in front of the original clubhouse. This was the first location of DMGCC on Polk's 40 acres of land. This photo was in the Des Moines Tribune. It was taken about 1900. Last week I recieved a copy of the news clip and found out the names of the gentlemen in the photo.

Left to right, front row: club pro and manager, W.O. Finkbine,
Dr. George Glick, W.D. Skinner, J.B. Weaver.
Left to right, back row: (1st man; unidentified), J.G. Berryhill,
D.W. Corley, G.F. Henry, E.E. Clark, H.S. Nolan.