Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tegtmeier on USGA Green Section Committee

Dear Rick:

I am pleased to confirm your appointment to serve on the Green Section Committee for 2010-2011.

In accepting this appointment, you confirm your love of golf and demonstrate a desire to give something back to the game.

The USGA’s success in promoting the best interests of the game depends on the quality of the work of its committees. By agreeing to serve as a USGA volunteer, you will provide valuable stewardship in protecting and preserving the game. Please know that we value your time, talents and energy and welcome any suggestions you might have for bettering the Association and furthering its mission. We look forward to working with you closely in the months ahead.

As you accept these new responsibilities, please appreciate that our Association must strike a balance between maintaining experience and continuity among volunteers and ensuring the introduction of new individuals such as yourself to provide fresh ideas. In view of this objective, USGA volunteers do not receive lifetime appointments but retire at an appropriate time in order to create a slot for another individual who loves golf and wants to give back to the game. If at any time you feel that you are unable to continue to satisfy your commitment, do not hesitate to reach out to your Committee’s chair or staff-in-charge to discuss.

On behalf of the USGA Executive Committee and staff, we thank you for accepting this appointment. We request that you confirm your contact information on the InfoPortal at your earliest convenience.

Yours Very Truly,
James B. Hyler, Jr.