Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bunker Sand

It was our goal this year to make sure that there is always 4" of good bunker sand in the bottoms of our bunkers and also to make sure there is at least 2" on the side faces of bunkers. With the excellent spring that we have been experiencing, we have been able to get out and work extensively on bunkers. We had a special tool that we made to measure sand depths and then we moved or added sand to all 114 bunkers at the club. It took us 230 ton of additional sand to fix the bunkers this year.

We are very lucky in some of the equipment that we have. This particular unit is a Turfco CR10 Material Handler. It serves a dual purpose for us here at the club. You can spread sand or fertilizer over large areas such as a fairway. Or you can put a extension chute on it to fill areas such as bunkers. It holds about 4 ton of sand at a time and it is a huge labor saver for us when dealing with large amounts of material.