Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Rains

June has not been a good month for the golf course maintenance department or for golf! We have had close to 10" of rain for the month and we are averaging almost .44" of rain per day.

There are several areas on the golf course that we have not been able to mow or do any work in those areas. If we can we have even switched to a small rotary mower to try to cut the grass just so it does not get out of hand.

We are very sorry that we have restricted golf carts so much to cart paths only but we feel this is the best decision to protect the turf that is already under some stress from all of the moisture.

Our plans now include putting lights on our rough mowers and we are planning on mowing Wednesday night to get all of the roughs cut prior to the Country Club Invitational. We have never done this before but we are willing to try anything just to get the job done.

Thanks for understanding and believe me when we say that we are doing our best.
Thank you.