Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irrigation Repair Trailer

Having 500 acres and over 3,500 sprinkler heads to maintain, our staff has spent a lot of time, money and effort just in traveling to get parts and equipment while we do irrigation repairs. So we decided to try and minimize this as much as we could. So we built this irrigation repair trailer.

I had an old Divot Master trailer that we converted. We repositioned the torsion axle, took out the mixer part and the electric pump and put on a metal deck. We have a generator, an air compressor and a Tuthill transfer pump to pump water out of an irrigation hole. I also installed 2 pipe vises on the back end to hold a piece of pipe if you need to thread it or for beveling the edge of it. All of the other tools and glue can be kept in the tool box or in the milk crates. The idea behind it all was to try and make one trip to the repair site rather than several, having everything you need to do your repair. I really like having it in a trailer version because both of our golf course staffs can use it and they can just hook it to one of their utility vehicles. Now on to the mechanic’s vehicle!