Thursday, March 24, 2011

Story about one of our Employees

Here at Des Moines Golf and Country Club we are very lucky to have a very talented and gifted group of employees to work with. I am very proud of all of them and each one is very unique in their own way. Just recently we added Tyler Boley as the new 2nd Assistant Golf Course Superintendent to the North Course Staff. Tyler is a graduate of the turf program at Iowa State University, and he did one of his summer internships for us back in 2009.

What is interesting about Ty is that he went to ISU after a 4 year tour in the Marine Corps. While he was in the Marines, Corporal Boley’s main job assignment was working with the HMX-1 Presidential Squadron. This was not an easy job assignment and very few are chosen and honored to be a part of such an elite group of Marines who get to guard our Commander in Chief. Ty traveled to 8 different countries and 35 different states to guard President George W. Bush. He also spent many months at Mr. Bush’s ranch in Texas and many months at Camp David.

Needless to say we are proud of all of veterans and their service to our country. Here in the golf course maintenance department we are very proud to say that Tyler served his country in a very unique way.

Tyler Boley, President George W. Bush

Corporal Boley is the Marine stationed on the right as President Bush gets out of Marine 1.