Friday, April 8, 2011

From the golf course - April

We have been open now for 3 weeks. The turf is responding well to the warmer temperatures and the playability is improving. What also is taking place is the same old thing we see every year, lazy, complacent golfers who do not care about course care or how they leave it for the next golfer.

I am shocked at the huge number of ball marks that are not repaired on our greens already, 3 weeks into the season. I am including a link to a Youtube Video that Scott Howe and I did on using the Pitch Pro Ball Mark Repair Tool at Des Moines Golf. I would like all of you to review it and put these practices into place while you play! You can view the video at:

Divots are still a huge concern here at DMGCC. We always replace the divot here at DMGCC. Then use the sand mixture to dress around the edge of the divot to seal it down to the surrounding turf. Do not go right to the bottle and just fill the entire divot, this is incorrect. Please walk up to get your divot, and then replace it, this holds true for the shots in the fairway and on every tee! Also we spent a lot of money on new divot boxes for your use on the Par 3 tees. These boxes are not seats for you to sit on! Please do not use your golf club to open and close the lids. Please do it correctly and they will last a lot longer.

While this may sound very harsh it is supposed to be, I am trying to shock you into the reality that it is only the 2nd week of April and we are seeing damage to the golf course turf that is caused by golfers who do not care. These are 2 very simple procedures that you the golfer must do to help protect your very valuable asset.

For the homeowner right now is the time to get your spring pre – emergent application on for crabgrass control. Apply at normal rates that are on the bag and please remember to sweep and blow off sidewalks and driveways so this product does not get washed into our watersheds.

Rick Tegtmeier