Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A couple of erosion projects - completed.

With all of the rain and run off that we have experienced the past couple of years, we developed some badly eroded areas in 2 distinct places. The first is on #10 North, you can see the muskrats undermined the bank and we lost part of it.

Here is a photo of the same area after we brought in a backhoe and regraded it. This is an erosion netting that is laid under the sod to help stabilize the bank. The roots of the Kentucky Bluegrass will grow right through it.

Here is a photo of the completed project.

On #1 South we had a big erosion problem caused by a lot of run off coming under the fairway through a tube. It was hitting the bank area that was unprotected. We also decided to move the irrigation pipe that crossed the fairway to help hide it.

Photo of the completed project with a new walk bridge in the back ground.

Here is a close up photo of the new walk bridge. Irrigation pipe is under the bridge to help hide it.