Friday, July 15, 2011

Water and Heat!

With the predicted highs for the next week in the mid to upper 90’s, we are going to see some of the warmest weather that we have experienced in a long time.

All of the rain that we received this spring has really not been conducive to growing good, deep root systems. Hence when we go into times of extreme heat, we are going to have to add supplemental water during the day.

While you are playing during the day please expect to see syringe cycles running on the tees, fairways and roughs. You will also see our maintenance staff out with hoses watering “hot” spots on greens and collars. Please do not call the pro shop to tell them that water is running. These are all things that we must do to maintain the integrity of the turfgrass and try to keep it alive. Sometimes normal irrigation during the evening is not enough to sustain the turf throughout the day.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Please also remember to hydrate yourself while you are golfing. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water, you should be doing it during the entire round of golf. Thank you.

Rick Tegtmeier