Monday, August 1, 2011

July Weather Recap

I saw this information on IA Turf website. It certainly holds true for us here in Des Moines and the wicked weather that we all have been going through. We have spent a lot of our time and effort to stay in survival mode and just work at getting the turf through the heat. Here is what Marcus Jones, Associate Turfgrass Scientist at Iowa State University had to say on his blog page.

It was a cool 92 F in central Iowa on Sunday. Cool at least by July’s standards in which the state was blanketed by record high temperatures and unbearable heat indices. The month got off to a promising start with maximum daytime temperatures during the first half of the month primarily in the 80’s.

A brutal stretch of weather began on the 15th when the daytime temperature reached 93 F. Central Iowa wouldn’t see temperatures back in the 80’s for another 12 days. The record stretch of 13 consecutive days in the 90’s was the longest stretch in over 30 years. Not to be outdone, a 15-day stretch of nighttime temperatures at or above 74 F was the longest on record.

Overall, the daily average temperature for the month was 81.8 F which is 5.7 degrees warmer than the average. This ranks as the 4th warmest July on record for central Iowa. The warmest stretch occurred on the 17th through the 20th when daily temperatures nearly reached triple digits each day. Needless to say, these prolonged, extreme temperatures took their toll on our cool-season grasses.

Here at DMGCC I am pleased that we have been able to survive with just a few spots showing signs of extreme stress. I know we are not out of the woods yet but I think we can see the light through the trees. Hopefully temperatures and conditions will moderate and we can enjoy a good month of August.