Tuesday, September 27, 2011

East Driving Range Tile Project

With the aerification of both golf courses now in the rear view mirror it is time to move on to other projects on the courses. One of the areas that has always concerned me is the fact that we could not use any of the driviing ranges after a rain because we could not pick the golf balls. On the east range we do have a series of mats to use if there is inclement weather. I asked the Board of Directors for some funding to install over 2,000 linear feet of tile in the east range fairway this fall.

Currently there is a rather large tile that bisects the range, it is our intent to install several lateral lines across the range trying to pick up any free surface water and to try and get the fairway dried up quicker. This would then allow the golfers to get out and always have an area to practice. If we had a huge rain we might have to wait a little while but the normal rains should be taken care of.

I have included a photo of my plan to install new lines. The red line is the current drain line, the black lines are the current irrigation system. The green lines will be the new tiles lines that we are going to install.