Thursday, March 8, 2012

Golf Course Opening

Well it is that time of year when everyone asks the question when are we going to open? It is a tricky decision and for the most part the golf course has overwintered very well and the turf is in good condition. I would take a little warm rain to help jump start the turf but I can not control Mother Nature.

There will be an email sent out today to the entire membership announcing that we will be opening the both golf courses tomorrow with all of the details. Here on our maintenance blog page I just thought I would show a photo of one of our staff doing the first mowing on #1 South green. As you can see in the photo the turf covers really help to protect the turf from the cold winter winds. All of the greens look good, some have a mottled appearance to them. This is normal and it will quickly fade once the turf is actively growing.