Friday, April 27, 2012

The Job Board

During peak summer months we have almost 50 people on staff in the golf course maintenance department. All of these people start at the same time everyday and once they clock in we expect them to go right to their jobs and start their day.

Sometimes it can be very confusing but we have refined our methods a little bit and we now rely on our job board to get staff headed in the right direction. Each morning I meet 1/2 hour prior to the crew starting with the 2 superintendents. We discuss our day, what events might be taking place and where we want crew to go. They in turn fill out the job board to meet those demands of the day. Is it perfect - no, because a golf course environment can change so much during the day. But the job board helps us to stay organized and it allows us to communicate to the staff what they need to do. The board gets updated several time during the day by the superintendents and their assistants. Once crew members finish their jobs they come back to the maintenance facility, check the job board and change equipment to do the next task.