Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tree Fertilziation

If you have been out to the club the last few days you may have noticed some odd shape attachments to the trees in the boulevard area of the main parking lot. All of the trees in the boulevard are Hackberry trees. While they do quite well in the Iowa landscape they sometimes show deficiencies in some nutrients because of the area that they are planted in.

This spring we noticed a "chlorotic" look to some of the trees in the boulevard area. We decided that they might need a little shot in the arm to boost some of nutrients to the trees. The method of choice was to directly apply the nutrients right into the vascular system of the tree using the Mauget Stemix Plus system. Here is a brief description of what the Mauget Stemix Plus does: An optimum formulation of chelated minerals with a very low salt index and elevated magnesium and calcium, designed to stimulate both foliar and root growth. Stemix Plus is for use in trees where deficiencies cannot be successfully corrected by foliage or soil feeding, and in areas where leaching into ground water is a concern. Because the elements are placed directly into the trees vascular system they react very quickly.

Here is a photo of the Mauget unit doing it's job. Once they were in place, the nutrients were pulled into the trees vascular system in less than 24 hours. Time will tell if they work and how well they worked.