Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Practice like a Pro on our Range Tees

When you have driving ranges that receive a tremendous amount of usage you have to be very proactive on how you best utilize the turf on these ranges. The golf course maintenance staff works very hard to seed and fill divots after an area has been used. But to help us best utilize the turf on the range tees we need your help. Controlling divot patterns is the #1 key to keeping as much turf on the range as possible. We would like you to implement these ideas in your practice sessions. It not only takes less turf but it will heal in much faster if we all try to control our divot patterns. If you have any questions please ask our Golf Shop staff or myself. Thank you.

Please read or watch these new ideas below.

Our former USGA Agronomist Ty McClelland wrote a great article last year about practicing on a driving range tee. I have included a link for you to read the article. You can find it here:

Also this week our Director of Golf, Scott Howe was kind enough to help me do a video on how we would like you to practice on our range tees. That video can been seen here: