Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Funny Looking Trees

I have had a lot of questions the last few weeks as to why do some of the trees have their bottom leaves looking burnt or brown?

Here at DMGCC we have a well that supplies all of our irrigation water. This well is very deep (2,808 feet). Water coming from a depth this deep is not known to have high quality. It has very high bicarbonates and salts in the water.

When you use it for our irrigation needs the sprinklers hit the lower branches of the trees. As the water dries on the leaf it will leave these salts and bicarbonates on the leaf. If there is no fresh rain water to wash them off then the salts will do what they normally do. Salt will dehydrate and burn the leaf leaving them with the look that we currently have. Needless to say we need some moisture, however the damage to the leaves for this year is already done.