Friday, December 28, 2012

Tooting your own horn

Recently the Iowa Golf Association came out with their award winners for 2012. I was the lucky recipient of the "18 Hole Superintendent of the Year" While I am very honored and humbled to be the recipient I can tell you it is not about me.

I would like to "Toot the Horn" of my staff. Without these dedicated men that I have the honor to work with each and every day I can tell you this award is for them and their efforts.

First our superintendents Corey Goedken and Nate Tegtmeier, these 2 gentlemen worked unselfishly all summer long to make sure their golf courses were being taken care of properly and professionally. We went through the hottest, longest duration of hot days and a major drought, but their golf courses were impeccable to look at and play each day. They also will be the first to tell you that their respective teams played a major part in how their golf courses looked each day. The 4 Assistant Superintendents, Shane Omann, Seth Triplett, Tim Sims and Nate Dammann also worked very hard to make sure everything was in order before they went home each day. Many times staying late or coming back to work was the norm for the week and they never complained they just did it.

Our Equipment Manager Brent Day and his assistant made sure everything we owned stayed in good, safe and operational condition. Without Brent's efforts many things would not have happened this summer.

A couple of other team members Jerry Steele and Don Leslie made sure their respective assignments were done or there were many times they were not told what to do, they just took care of it. After a long and hot summer, that is really nice to have such dedicated performers every day taking care of things you don't think of.

To the rest of our full time and seasonal staff, you are the best to work with and be a part of. They too worked when it was cold, hot, dry, etc, and never complained. They are truly a professional group of men who make it very fun to come to work and do your job.

To our General Manager and COO, Jim Cutter. It is a true pleasure to be a part of the professional team that you have amassed together. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses but the amazing part is that we all have each other's back everyday and that is very comforting. It is a great team to be a part of.

So if you could hear a horn tooting right now it would be for my staff. Thank you Gentlemen!