Thursday, January 10, 2013

Refurbushing T-Markers and Chain Stakes

Here at DMGCC we build all of our T-markers and Chain Stakes. Each year we bring them back into our wood working area and refurbish them.

With all wood products that sit outside in the elements, they lose their luster after a full summer of sitting in the sun and rain. First they are sanded and the old varnish is removed. In this process if our logo is damaged, we also sand it out and then brand a new logo back on the stake or T-marker.

In this photo North Course 2nd Assistant, Tim Sims is cutting a new groove into the side of the T-marker on a router table.

South Course 2nd Assistant, Nate Dammann is branding our logo back into the wood stake. The iron is very hot and it only takes 7-9 seconds to burn in the logo.

Here is a photo of the finished logo.