Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The paint is flowing!

Golf Courses in the Northern part of the US have the luxury to have some down time to bring in everything off the golf course and refurbish it. We take full advantage of this snowy, cold weather to strip, sand and repaint everything. We joke a little bit if you stand still long enough you might even get painted over!

In this photo we are putting ballwashers back together after they have been stripped and painted. They are then put in an inside storage area where they await the spring to go back out. Each ballwasher has been completely taken apart and repairs made if necessary.

All of the wooden posts that we use for traffic control have been sanded, branded and are getting 3 liberal coats of marine varnish so they hold up for the long summer. Once these are completed they are put in the basement of the house so that they may cure and be ready to go in 6 weeks.

Benches are also completely taken apart and any bad boards are replaced. All boards also receive a couple of coats of paint to make them look new again. They are then reassembled and are ready to go for the golf season.