Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Turf Maintenance Equipment

I know that seeing new equipment on the golf course is probably not as exciting to you the member as it is to the members of our Grounds staff. This year we did not buy any new mowing equipment,we are sitting pretty well in our replacement of those items. This year we needed to worry about some specialty items that will make our life a little better and it will make the golf course better in the long run. I would like to highlight a few of those items.

TB 220 Brush

Topdressing and aerification is never a exciting thing for our golfers and we understand that. We are constantly trying to figure easier, faster, less damaging ways to do these things. The TB 220 is a new tow behind brush that sweeps in topdressing. The nice thing about it, is that you can control how aggressive you want to be when you brush in the sand, therefore you are controlling the disruption to the turf. Also this brush will be used to brush the collars and approaches, standing up the turf plant allowing us to cut it off cleaning, getting rid of the runners around the putting surfaces that we sometimes see.

Toro 648 Aerifier

All of our current aerification equipment are mounted on tractors and they all are at least 6' wide. When we are doing high production aerification these bigger pieces work well. However there are many times when we wanted to just needle tine an certain part of a green, a collar or a tee. We always had to hook up a big unit and try to get this operation done. Now with the 648 we have a smaller walk behind unit that staff can use to get in and do the job in the small tight areas. It will be less disruptive to the turf and it will greatly improve the way we do our aerification in season.

Turfco Triwave Overseeder

One of our goals is to better the turf on our range tees. In the past we have not been aggressive with our seeding and topdressing of the areas that have been used. This year we would like to topdress and overseed these areas at least once a week. Hopefully by doing this we can germinate more seed in the worn areas and get them back in play much faster than we have in the past. We have a large overseeder that is very difficult and cumbersome to use. The Triwave can be set up to seed bentgrass and it's unique design allows you to seed surfaces that are uneven. I believe it will be a big help in having better turf on driving range tees.

Level Lift

You probably will not understand how this piece of equipment works but believe me it does. It injects water into the soil under a sprinkler head so you can shift and move the head into a perfect position without digging it up. In many areas around both of our courses we have had settling of our sprinkler heads over the years. When the head sits lower or at an angle it does not work properly or water the turf efficiently. Our goal is to first look at all of our sprinkler heads that surround our greens to make sure that they are performing to the best of their ability then on to other heads around the golf course. Having level heads should improve the use of our irrigation system and make better use of an important element.

Salsco Roller

This is the third Salsco roller that we have added to our equipment fleet. Many times throughout the year 2 rollers do not allow us enough time to roll all 36 holes ahead of play. Adding the 3rd roller should really help us on shotgun starts and help us to stay ahead of daily play and out of the way of the golfers.

We have also added a new compact tractor, some computers in our office, a new air compressor for the maintenance facility, 10 hand blowers, and some new utility carts. We are very fortunate here at DMGCC to have a good capital equipment replacement budget and we do appreciate being able to have the correct tools to do the job every day.