Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sewage Lift Station

Many of you remember when we had a sewage treatment plant on #12 North. The ever present smell reminded you of it when you played. That is since long gone and we are now connected to the City of West Des Moines. However all of water and waste still flows to the lowest point on the golf course, from there it is lifted to the City's system by 2 sewage lift pumps. It is critical that one or both of these pumps are operational at all times. If they did not work we could have a spill over into the water system and that would not be a good thing. I monitor the pumps daily to make sure they are performing properly. I don't physically go out and look at them daily, I use technology to monitor them remotely. We have a cell phone connected to the sewage control panel to monitor the operation and failure of these pumps. If we have a problem at anytime during the day the system will call my cell phone and tell me what is happening so I can respond quickly. If I don't answer it, then it will call the next person on the list until someone responds. I even can access the system with my Ipad or my Iphone. We have back up pumps and seals here at the maintenance facility to install right away if there is a problem. If we have an electrical failure then the remote diesel generator with start up and provide the correct 460 volts of electricity that the pumps need. Really it is a very good system. Below is a screen shot of the Watchdog Remote Sensing that I use to look at it.