Monday, March 25, 2013

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!

Wow this weather is unbelievable! This spring/winter, whatever you want to call it is getting to be old real fast. Last year we opened both golf courses on March 7th. Seasonal staff had started back and we were in full mowing by this time last year. We had applied our first round of poa control products on fairways and we had started to put sand in bunkers.

Fast forward to this year on March 25th and we are out plowing the white stuff once again. Not a lot of snow this morning but 3” is enough for a late March snow storm. Seasonal staff is not in today, hopefully we will have ½ of them back in tomorrow. We will be shoveling snow off of greens covers with the hope of pulling them later in the week. Last week we were able to get the staff out and started to rake and clean up on both golf courses. We are about 1/3 done with the raking and clean up. We hopefully will be doing that again by the end of this week!

I believe once the season hits us, it is going to come on fast. People want to get out and play golf and we want to be out managing the turf so they can play golf. Hopefully Mother Nature will let winter go by us soon and then maybe we can have a warm spring!

See you on the golf courses soon!