Thursday, April 4, 2013

DMGCC History Presentation - Revised 4/13

As many of you know I do have a passion for history and I really have a passion for DMGCC History,especially the s6 superintendents who proceeded me here at the club. Over the past week I have been able to connect some dots that were missing in my DMGCC History Presentation. I found out that Jack Welsh who was a long time pro/greenkeeper at the Wakonda Club, actually worked at DMGCC prior to moving to Wakonda. That was a great bit of information for me.

I was also able to locate some golf clubs made by/for Jack Welsh and also a putter that has J.A. Roseman's name on it. Both of these gentleman were pro/greenkeepers at the club so it is some great history to now own some of the golf clubs that they had.

I have updated my presentation to show off these new golf clubs and I am very excited to have them in my collection.

Below is my updated Power Point on DMGCC History of Grounds and Greenkeepers