Tuesday, June 4, 2013

# 6 South

The last week of May we noticed a sink hole on #6 South fairway right in front of the green. Unfortunately this sink hole was not a little one but a rather big one. Here is a Corey Goedken, South Course Superintendent standing in the hole. He is over 6'3" tall! Well long story short there were 2 24" culverts that went under this fairway, both of these pipes were compromised with holes in them from rotting out. So the decision was made to replace them.

The bentgrass and bluegrass sod was stripped off the construction area and we laid it in the parking lot on plastic to try and re-use it once we completed the pipe installation.

Old pipe was removed and 2 new 24" plastic ADS N12 Pipe was installed. Here is a photo of that pipe, take note on the size and depth that it had to be. We also got rid of the collection area on the right side of the fairway. Now there will be 2 surface inlets instead of the old open lateral hazard area.

Correll Contractors started early on Monday morning and stayed late to get the pipe in the ground. We had to haul in 6 dump truck loads of black dirt to bring everything back up to grade. We wanted to get it all rough graded headed of the upcoming rain. We finished about 9:00 last night and it is raining this morning.