Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trying month of June

Mother Nature has been the winner in the month of June. Really so far this year she has won about every month. Hopefully the forecast for July is much more favorable and we can have some nice weather and some solid golfing for our member! We have spent a lot of man hours pumping bunkers and mowing rough! I can not believe July is almost upon us and we are really just starting to hit full stride in the maintenance department.

In years past we have had a lot of issues with algae in our ponds. This year I am trying a newer product that came on the market and so far we have seen some very good results but the verdict is still out. We have 2 issues that we deal with our aquatic water management. First is all of the neighbors that surround our property. Almost all of the runoff water from the housing developments to the south and to the west drain through our property. While that is a lot of water that is also a big nutrient load on our ponds. If you think about the fertilizer that the average homeowner puts down, then think about how much hits the sidewalks, driveways, and streets. If that homeowner does not sweep that excess product up, it will go into the storm water runoff. Where is the first place it can settle out? Our ponds. That is why you see such a spike in algae after a big rain event. Also all of that runoff water can dilute our treatments so timing is critical for us when we apply a herbicide to kill the algae. As I mentioned that we used a new product. It is called Clipper and it is applied in conjunction with our other products. The end result so far has been this photo, no algae.

Many times I do not get a chance to toot the horn of my staff. I am very fortunate to have such great people that work with me on the golf course maintenance staff. One of those people is Brent Day, our equipment technician. We have several different pieces of equipment that we own and take care of. Sometimes you just have to take an item out of service and repair it. One of our most used items is our Cat Skid Loader. It was long overdue to have the under carriage worked on and new tracks put in place. We are fortunate that Brent can do this in house rather than ship it out to the dealer and have to pay some very high dollars to get it done. Just take a look at all of the pieces to Brent's puzzle. Well done Brent!

Tile lines are the backbone of our drainage system here at the club. Sometimes they are a nightmare but other times they really help us out to dry up the golf course and get golfers back out. We have had a wet spot on #12 South all spring at the start of the fairway. Yesterday we found one of those tile lines we did not know we had and we are in the process of getting it repaired. It is nice to find these phantom tiles and get them working the correct way, rather than leaving you with a wet area.