Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 5 Renovation Update

Week 5 Renovation Update

Rain can really help a golf course but it can really slow down construction! We have received just over 2.5” this past week and the dirt work was almost nonexistent. Landscapes Unlimited was able to final grade the fairway bunkers on the left side of 18 fairway but that really was the only dirt work completed. With all of the rain they switched jobs and moved to installation of drainage tile. This work is done off of the current turf so they were able to do some work. They are going to work full days this Saturday and Sunday to help keep on schedule. This morning one of their shapers has moved to fairway bunkers on #1, one shaper is rough grading on #17 and the other shaper is building the new tees on #18. So they are progressing forward even with some bad weather.

The irrigation crew has not slowed down at all. They had another 4 staff members move into this site for 2 weeks which will really help with installation. They have formed 2 crews, one crew should have all of the new mainlines installed over the next 2 weeks and the other crew will be hooking up the new mains to our current system and installing the new irrigation on features as they are being built. I really feel irrigation is on track with where they need to be.

The first 2 semi loads of bunker sand have arrived on sight. It is sitting in the far east end parking lot. First thing you will notice is the color. It will look great once it is installed.

For the 2 newly seeded putting greens it has been an exciting week. We covered the greens to help hold in heat and aid in the germination process. The temperature then shot up to 90 degrees on Tuesday, Nate and his staff had to quickly pull the covers so the excessive heat did not injure the new seedlings. On Wednesday we started to see tiny seedlings germinating all across the putting greens. Here are some photos of the greens seedlings as they are starting to emerge.

Then the prediction of heavy rains for late Thursday afternoon. Covers went quickly back down to prevent any washing of the sand mix and seedlings. We received 1.25’ in about an hour with 80 mph winds, we were worried the covers would be blown off and seedlings washed. The North crew had put down extra staples and they all held well. Covers came back off yesterday about noon and we were very pleased with the results. No washing of the seedlings, germination and growth were continuing. So here are the greens day 7. At some point this week the greens will be rolled and then mowed for the first time.

These last 2 photos are taken from a side angle. The greens look like they are 100% filled in, they are not but they do look good.

With the upcoming week the weather looks great for construction. On Monday we will finish aerification on the open side of the North course. Cleanup of sticks, leaves and limbs will still be happening over the next week but the golf courses are very playable and in good fall condition.