Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 7 Recap

Rain again today as I type my weekly update. I am doing it today on Friday because the forecast is once again for strong thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow morning. I am sure no construction will happen today or tomorrow. Next week’s forecast once again looks sunny and I hope we can get going again.

Week 7 recap, Over an acre of Kentucky Bluegrass sod was laid this past Wednesday. Most of that sod went down on the bunker complex on #18 fairway. Some of the sod was also installed on #1. It is nice to cover up some dirt with some turf before it makes mud! It really make things look much better, giving it the finished look.

The concrete cart path sub-contractor arrived on site on Monday morning. He and his staff wasted no time in getting started. For the week they formed and poured 95% of the cart path around #1 South and #1 North tees. So it will not be too long and you will be able to drive through this area, rather than driving on the turf on the south side of the #1 tee. It took a little longer to pour this section of concrete because of the hand formed curbing along the sides but it really looks good. Most of the concrete in this area is 12’ wide instead of the normal cart path width of 8’. They were also able to pour some concrete along #15 green and #16 tees. A couple of dry days and we should be able to get started pouring again. They do look really nice once they are completed.

The new tees on # 1 were seeded a week ago and this morning there is germinated seed on all of the tees. The rain has them really wet, but they are fine. The peat moss in the mix moved around in all of the rain and floated to the drainage side, but it did not harm anything. They are in good condition and once they dry up a little more it is our intention to cover them over the cold forecasted weekend.