Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 11 Update

Week 11 Update
Hard to believe we are starting week 12 today. We had a very difficult week this past week with the wet conditions. It is almost impossible to now dry out any areas. There is no warmth in the sun, sun angle is very low in the sky and day length are all things we are now battling. I am sorry I did not take the time to write my weekly update this past Saturday. We had some good days of weather so we took advantage of the drier conditions while we had them.

We were able to get back out on the project on Thursday and work was started back on the bunkers on #2 fairway. Each one of these bunkers are very big from a size imprint. They are very simple bunkers and they look very good. But to finish off a bunker of this size it takes an incredible amount of man hours to install tile, liner and sand. We have to sod around the second bunker today to protect it but by this afternoon it should be completed. Here is a look at a couple of bunkers on #2 on the left side. Very different looking than what we use to have in this area.

Landscapes Unlimited’s crew are working very hard to get bunkers done. Almost all of the bunkers have their exit tiles to the bunkers. Almost all of the main tile lines are installed and ready for the bunker tiles to be installed. We really need 1 thing – dry weather.

On Sunday Tim Sims and I spent the entire day dedicated to moving the soil from the mounds off of the right side of #2 fairway. 51 dump truck loads later all of the material was moved to #3 North to help cover all of the construction area on #3. A new drainage basin will be installed on the right side #2 and it is ready for some bluegrass sod. This is a look at the former mound area.

We worked hard to prep an area on #2 for a bentgrass sod fairway expansion. We finished preparing for sod on Sunday morning and our staff is sodding it today using all of the bentgrass sod from the tennis courts where we held in wait for the last couple of weeks.

The new bridge has been built and soon as we can string some dry days together they will be pouring the concrete to those bridge approaches.

Here is a look of the Pete Dye planks behind the new practice green.

The new greens and tees look very good going into winter. Hopefully we don’t say the “S” word for a while!