Monday, May 12, 2014

Audubon Re-Certification Visit

As many of you know we have been an Audubon Certified Golf Course since August of 2007. Part of the continuing participation in the program is getting re-certified every 2 years. There are many ways that a golf course can achieve this designation.

This year we were required to find someone outside of our golf course to come in and rate/grade/judge us on our efforts in the Audubon Program. Another part of the program is Outreach and Education of the public as much as we can. Thinking about those 2 subjects I asked Neric Smith, Landscape and Turfgrass Instructor at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa if he had a group of students that might like to visit our facility. This visit would serve twofold, they would learn about our efforts in the Audubon program and they could judge our efforts and write a report for our re-certification efforts.

Last Thursday the group arrived on site and we spent about 3 hours touring both golf courses, the club house landscape area and the maintenance facility. It was a great visit for me, I had the opportunity to talk to a very enthusiastic group of young men that wanted to learn but they also offered suggestions. It was a lot of fun to have them onsight to learn about Des Moines Golf and Country Club and to see our conservation efforts and how we are maintaining our Audubon program.

Showing them the pesticide area and talking about underground storage tanks.

Showing the students the TDR Meter and explaining how our staff uses them each day.

Last minute pose in front of the front entrance sign.