Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Recap
One word really sums up the week – RAIN. Since the start of the project we have had almost 8" of rain, most of that falling this past week. With this in mind please do not take a tour of the golf course by yourself. There are many areas that are under construction and a lot of new sod laid. One misguided golf cart can cause a lot of damage. The past few days I have seen some people doing this. Please stop. Scott Howe and his staff will have guided tours of the construction lined up starting later this week, weather permitting.

Golf Course Architect, Tim Liddy came to town on Tuesday afternoon. Thank goodness he got in early because we got 4 hours of golf course touring in that afternoon. Tim worked with shaper Clyde Hall and started to really fine tune all of the cuts and fills on #14 green. One of the biggest issues is being able to see some of the putting surface from the fairway. Very difficult to do on a uphill hole. The new green currently sits down about 6 feet lower than the old green.

Work also started on #8 green. Almost 6,000 yards of soil will be moved on to the new green there. We just got started and the rains came on Wednesday.

We were able to start to put some things back together. For me this is a big hurdle because you are seeing all of the destruction and to put the new back in seems like a huge milestone no matter what it is.

For us it was moving the Bentgrass sod on #8 to its new home on #6 fairway. Here is the progression of #6.
#6 before cutting out the old bunkers

Shaper working on taking out the old bunkers

Cutting the sod from #8 approach

Sod moved from #8 approach to #6 fairway. Good view to the putting green now.

Irrigation installation has not really stopped during the rain. These guys put plywood down everywhere and just keep going. That part of the project is right on track.

Since we could not do a lot of dirt work because of the rains, the construction guys switched over to installing drainage pipe. They too put down large tracts of plywood and install drainage. A new 18” pipe went in across #13 and 14. Today a new pipe install will go across #11 in front of the green. Very much needed and should be a big benefit in the future.

Cart path removal is about 60% done and it should not slow down. Tree work is about 90% completed and all that needs to happen is the removal of some piles of logs and limbs.

During all of the rain US Aqua Vac has continued to work. They have completed most of their work on the shorelines of #13 and they will be moving to the pond on #12 green on Tuesday.
We are planning on working a long day today. More rain is predicted for tonight and then the rest of the week looks much better for us.