Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is the big white bag on the side of #18 for?

We have had a lot of questions about "what is the big white bag on #18 for" If you notice this bag is starting to inflate with liquid. The ponds on the North course were built in 1987. These ponds have a great clay base in the bottoms. But over time we have had a lot of silt and organic matter wash into the ponds.

We felt that since the North course was going to be closed down it would be a great time to take care of the silt problem. We have hired a company called US Aqua Vac to come in and take care of the silt problems. The way it works is very simple. There is a diver in the pond on #13 that has a 4" hose and he is sucking up the silt and organic debris in the pond bottom. That mix of water and silt is pumped into the bag. The bag allows the water to seep out but not the silt. After it sits for a couple of weeks we will be digging a hole behind #13 green and push the silt out of the bag into the hole. The pond on #13 should take about 6 days to complete the pumping work.

We felt this would be less invasive than pumping the ponds down then trucking the silt out. We did a lot of homework on these folks and everyone raved about how well it worked. You can read more about them on their web site at http://www.usaquavac.com/