Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Recap
On Labor Day we did not work on the project. We had too much rain the previous night so our day was spent pumping bunkers. I will really be happy to have this 4 year project over and never have to pump them again!

The next 3 were days were beautiful and the temps cooled off dramatically. We were able to move more soil on #8 and #14. Our primary focus once again is to get the 2 new greens done and seeded. On #14 I am happy to say that they were able to do fine grading of the sub grade and Tim Liddy signed off on the contours and size of the putting surface. Immediately Leibold and Co. went to work and installed the drainage tile and 4” pea gravel layer. On Monday they will start putting the greens mix and installing the irrigation. The bunkers have been rough shaped and Tim Liddy will review and modify them as he sees fit tomorrow. Then the focus will be too finish that hole and move to #8.

Here are a few photos of #14 Green sub grade and gravel installation

This photo shows the fairway bunker cut on #14, this is the primary landing area

On #8 they have been very busy moving soil from the top of the hill to the green surface. Over 6,000 yards of soil was scheduled to be moved so you could see a piece of the green from the tee. 99% of the soil has been moved and Mr. Liddy will also review this and give his blessings or modifications. The new green has been rough shaped and modifications will be done there also.

Here is a photo of the fairway bunker cut at the dogleg. You can see the original fairway on the left.

Cart path removal has moved along and they are about 65% complete. Tree work is completed and they have moved out. The US Aqua Vac on #13 is complete and we are letting that bag dry out before that soil is moved over to the green site. That team has moved to #12 pond and they are 3 days into pumping that silt out of the bottom of that pond. The company that installs the new cart paths are scheduled to be in this week and that should start providing the forecasted rain stays away.

Over all we are making good progress on days that they can do work. The rain has made it difficult at times. Hopefully next week I can tell you that we have seeded #14 green and #8 will be close to being seeded.