Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 4 Recap

I love to write about our progress on the project, however this week I have very little to write about. On Monday Tim Liddy was here to help approve the final bunker placement and look on #14. We also finished the cutting of the hill on #8. Then Monday night 3" of rain wiped us out. What a mess! The irrigation installation was able to continue but the dirt work was stopped. All of the silt fences and some of the new sod was destroyed. We spent the day yesterday shoveling mud off of the spots that had eroded. We were able to move some sod back on #11. We also put straw bales behind all silt fences to help protect them from falling over again in a heavy downpour.

Here is a photo of the destruction on #11 that we restored yesterday.

Last year we seeded the new greens on September 16th. I feel confident that we will get #14 seeded this week. All of the greensmix is in place and irrigation installation will happen by next Wednesday. We also have greenscovers ready to go on these newly seeded greens to help promote germination. However #8 green is a long ways from completion. All of the construction companies efforts will be in getting these 2 putting surfaces completed. We all have to remember these set backs next spring if play is delayed on these 2 holes.