Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week 10 recap

Just over 10 weeks of work have come and gone since the project has started. We have officially had 30 days of rain in that period. Despite the rain, progress continues and looks very good.

Irrigation is doing quite well. Almost all of the main line irrigation is now installed. They have some installation to do as new tees finished getting built, so for the most part they are on the downhill side. This past Thursday the irrigation crew bored under the area between #7 pond and #12 pond. They then pulled a 10” pipe under everything in that area. It will be nice to not see pipes hanging on the bridge crossing in that area. I was amazed that they can pull a 10” pipe under everything for that distance. Very impressive.

Construction is now officially done on #14. Everything that was demoed is now sodded or seeded. It looks very nice. They are moving on to finishing the bunkers on #6. The fairway bunker should be completed today. The greenside bunker was roughed in yesterday and approved by architect Tim Liddy. They will now move to the fairway bunkers on #8. They also have a crew working on tees. The tees on #7, 12, and 13 are now all moved or reshaped. Drainage is done around the tees, and irrigation is being installed. The crew will finish laser leveling the tees and then they will be finished.

Our staff has been very busy working in the mud on #12 pond. We started last week installing the upright poles around the pond. Once completed we wasted no time, we started to install the horizontal whaler boards. Then the vertical back boards. Landscape fabric is installed behind the structure and then it is all backfilled with clean stone. This coming Monday we will be installing tie backs into the banks on every post. All of this work is being completed according to the plan provided us by the engineering firm. It is a very complex structure to build but it has gone very well. It really has been very difficult to manage and control all of the water from the property but that is now all behind us.

I would like to tell the golf course maintenance crew that they are one of the best group of guys that I have had the pleasure to work with. Not many crews could or would endure the mess that they have encountered this past week and 1/2. Their hard work has really paid off and we now have a very beautiful bulkhead.