Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 7 Recap

48 days since this project started and we have had rain on 22 of them! It has been an unbelievable wet fall. We started off the week on a very high note. All of the drainage, sodding and concrete work was completed around the 8th green. We even received a semi load of Bentgrass sod out of Chicago that was used to sod the approach area.

Then as you all know on Tuesday night the rains came. Finally on this Saturday morning crews are back at it. Drainage is being installed to the new tees on #14. Irrigation will be installed on Monday and then they will be finished later that day. Bunkers are being shaped in on #13 green and if we have some nice days next week they too will be completed.

The new pond expansion on #18 is about 1 work day from being completed. They will be digging there again on Monday, then they will spend some time grading the soil into some very nice berms next to the 13th green.

The cart path installation crew left for the rain days and took some time to go home and relax. They will be back to work on Monday and they will start on #11 cart path.

We have mowed the turf on #14 green a couple of times now. The seed that we planted last week on #8 green is up and looking very good. We have turf covers on both greens to help insulate them from the cool nights.

The Aqua Vac crew is finish and have moved on to another job. It is nice to have one hurdle jumped and we can put that behind us. They filled 2 more silt bags that are in a no mow area. We will let them dry up for a couple of weeks, then that material will be incorporated into the new mounds in that area.

We will start our work on the wall on #12 green this next week. We will start by pumping down the water level in that pond, then Elder Corporation will be starting on Wednesday trimming the bank back to give us a new edge on the pond.

All of the completed work looks very exciting and if you have not had a chance to take a tour with the pro shop please take the time to do so. Having some new cart paths out on the golf course makes it a little easier to get around and not drive through some new sod.