Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 12 Recap and possible ending

I usually sit down and write my weekly updates on Saturday afternoon, however this past weekend we worked 2 long days trying to beat the weather that is coming in tonight (Monday).

I have to say that the last 3 weeks have been a very long stretch of hard work that has stressed us all on both crews. We all have been working very hard to finish up the project while the weather has been good.

We have done a great job but we are just a little short of completing. If we have some dry days I think the bunkers on #9 and #10 can be finished. We are down to 7 bunkers that need to be completed. This past weekend all cart paths have been poured and sodded along. All of the irrigation is in and was working great until we shut it all off late tonight because we are blowing it out starting tomorrow morning. We planted 43 trees on the North course trying to fill in some voids along University Avenue and between some holes to help screen some areas. We laid all of the bentgrass on #11 fairway. We also laid bentgrass on ½ of the tees so we will be teeing off in the spring on every hole. Since last Wednesday to today we have installed 10 semi loads of bluegrass sod.

If the weather locks us out and we don’t finish it really is not too bad of a situation. I am still very hopeful that we will finish. We still have some haul roads that will need to be seeded or sodded later this year as dormant seedings or we will address them in the spring.

Just over 30 rain out days in the last 12 weeks. If we would have had last year’s weather we would have been done, however we don't need to dwell on that. I can say that I am very proud of Leibold’s accomplishments this past month. They have been committed to this project 100% and they have given it their all. Golf course architect Tim Liddy has also been 100% committed to helping us finish. He made 2 trips here last week because we were moving so fast. I am also very proud of our maintenance team. They have worked beside Leibold and have helped to make this a very successful project that everyone will enjoy next spring.

I took a few photos today to finish up my weekly recaps.

#6 Green 100 yards out

#7 from behind the back tee

#10 from behind the pro tee

#12 with the new bunker completed

#10 Left, greenside bunker that we were working on today