Friday, May 8, 2015

The transition on #8 North

Of all of the holes that had work done to them last fall, #8 North probably took the most abuse of any of them. We sometimes forget how much work was done to a golf hole until you look back at video to see what really happened and look at the dates the work was being done. The 8th hole will open for play today. It is still rough around the edges just a little, but with some good weather it is going to heal in nicely an it is going to be a fun hole to play for our membership.

I have uploaded 3 videos on #8 North. The first one shows how the hole looked before any construction was done to it. The second video is early October, the green was just seeded and work was starting on the fairway bunker area. The last video was taken this morning. We hope you enjoy the work that was done to the 8th.