Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Scott Howe and myself have spent a lot of time trying to educate our golfers on golf course care. We have made videos, we have sent out special emails, we have made signs, we have done blog posts on it and we have sat on the 1st tee talking to golfers. Evidently not everyone is listening to what we are trying to say.

Coming out this morning to the east range and finding this just makes me sick. How can someone think that this will ever recover? We have talked about hitting in a straight line and then leaving some space to allow some grass to grow back. The only thing that is going to grow back here is nothing! For us to get turf back in this area it will require someone to re-sod it and then spend weeks watering and caring for this sod. Sometimes you just shake your head in amazement at the lack of care for your beautiful golf courses and facilities.

Please review this sign and remember to leave some turf between the rows of divots. Thank you.