Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monday from the PGA Championships

Today has been a successful first official day of preparations. This morning my partner and I went out to 11 and 15 greens with our team of greens mowers and got to work right away. As soon as we took our initial stimp meter readings, the mowers got going double cutting the greens.

After additional measurements it was determined that more mowing and rolling would be required to get to our target green speeds. One of our greens was double mowed, double rolled with the mechanical roller, and hand rolled once. The other was triple mowed, double mechanically rolled, and hand rolled once.

We arrived around 3:15 for the afternoon shift. After eating at 3:30 we were told we would regroup at 5:30 to be briefed and sent out for the evening. In the meantime we headed out at watched some players' practice sessions on the range and putting green.

We got on the course around 6:00 and headed right to work. For evening shifts we will have three greens to take care of since they pull a few guys from ProGreens to fill divots and do detail work on fairways. Our greens at night are 14, 11, and 17.

Tonight was a double mow and single mechanical roll on everything. We collected and recorded the data the same as in the morning to track the speeds throughout the day and overnight. We finished up around 8:30 and headed back to the maintenance faculty. All in all it was a good day and I look forward to things running smoothed and smoother as the week goes on.