Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 6 Recap

Overall week 6 was a great week, even though we had a rain out on Friday. LUI brought in more staff to the project. One of their shapers started to rough in the new greens on #4 and #5. Architect Tim Liddy was in on Thursday to work with the shaper to position the new putting greens and to determine the height of them.

Victor and his irrigation team installed new irrigation around the #2 putting green and the surrounding fairway and rough. It was great to see water turned on and that means that sod is close behind.

There was a crew working on the new bunkers on #2 green. Once irrigation was installed then everything was given a final raking and grades were checked to make sure everything drained correctly. Drainage tile was installed in each of the bunkers, liner was installed and then new sand was added to them. It is great to see things coming to a close on this hole.

Sod was removed from the existing fairway on Thursday morning and then re-installed on to the new fairway in front of the green. This weekend we will be grading the rest of the fairway and hauling soil to fill up the remainder of the old creek. Then irrigation will be installed in this area. Once that is completed a local sodding contractor will be on site to cut the sod off of all of the bentgrass areas that will have work done to them, then that sod will be moved to #2 fairway to completely regressing of the entire new fairway. On Sunday a concrete contractor will be on site to install the new cart path on #2 and #3 tees. We will be seeding the new green surface on Monday and then our staff will doing some seeding of the fescue areas to the north of this path and this hole should be completed.

#2 hole renovation has been a long and arduous process but I think that it is one of the best renovation changes that we have made in the last 3 years. There has been a lot of moving parts on the changes of this hole and it has not been easy but it will be worth the effort. The rest of the project will move at a much faster pace because there is not as much work as #2 has. I hope to have a video up next week to show you the entire finished project on this hole.