Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday from the PGA

Thankfully, today was a fairly normal setup after yesterday's storms. With play being suspended in the second round, our timeline was a little different since players would be starting all throughout the golf course.

Similar to last night, we had to contend with tees that marked balls that were in play at the time play was suspended. Again we just lifted the marks and immediately replaced them directly behind the mower and roller. The afternoon was normal with our regular double mow and roll.

The golf course is holding up well with the exception of the traffic stress on the collars. All the mowing and rolling that is being done really stresses the turf. That is why managing for conditions like this really isn't feasible or sustainable over long periods of time.

One neat process that started last night was the seeding of spectator walk paths. The idea is that Sunday's spectators will help incorporate the seed with all of their foot traffic, allowing for good seed to soil contact. I thought it was neat that the recovery process started before the event had even finished.

The weather for Sunday looks to be warm and windy which should put some teeth into the golf course. I look forward to an exciting finish to the championship.