Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 4 Recap

It has been a great week of work on #2 South. If you have been out here this week you will have seen a flurry of activity.

The install of the 36” drainage pipe should be completed this afternoon. There have been several green, bunker and wet areas tied into this big drainage tube. It is nice to see it dried out and LUI is working the final grades around the green. Installing this tile was a huge part of the success of moving this green to the Northwest. They have done a wonderful job and I really think the final green site is very exciting.

Architect Tim Liddy was in late in the week to work with Daniel the shaper from LUI. Daniel will be doing all of the green surround work and the bunker shaping. Daniel was the shaper on Phase 1 of the North course so he has some history with Mr. Liddy. The bunkers around #2 green were shaped and now all that is left is to do some hand raking then install irrigation, sod and sand.

The new green will be 90% completed by this afternoon. Once the sub grades were given final approval then the drainage tile was installed in the bottom of the green. Then 110 ton of pea gravel was hauled to the green site. This was put around the tile and it is the first layer of material in the bottom of the green. In a USGA green it is called a 4” gravel layer. Then we started to haul the greens mix. 330 ton of greens mix will be hauled today to finish filling the green cavity. This will be the 12” greens layer. This is what will be your playing surface. After the mix is installed then LUI will spend a lot of time checking to make sure it is 12” exactly. They will also compact the entire layer to make sure it is perfect. Then we will apply the pre plant and the seed. Irrigation will go around the green next week and we should have it sodded around and seeded by the 24th of August.

Next week there will be an additional 13- 15 more LUI people on site. We will move right into the next part of Phase 3. We will be doing several different things at once. Demolition of many different things will be taking place first. This is always tough for me to take. We have nurtured and taken care of this turf all season and then we demo it and start all over. But you have do it to move forward.

Tim Liddy has the new drawings for #4 and #5 almost completed and that will be our first area of major focus. We appreciate your patience while we were working on the new green on #2 South. I know we were disruptive at times and I apologize for all of the noise. This part has gone extremely well and I am very confident that you will enjoy the changes taking place.