Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 7 Recap

Once again Mother Nature started out the week very wet. We had rain over the weekend and then again on Sunday night to slow us down. However the warm temperatures returned and we had some nice wind to help dry things out and let us proceed.

It is amazing how much work was done to #2 this week. Landscapes Unlimited sent in their cart path crew and they did an amazing job installing the cart path on #2. They came down from Fargo, North Dakota and poured #2 in 2 days and were back in Fargo by Thursday evening. As we have more areas ready for path they will return and do installation.

A majority of the staff worked on preparing #2 for sod and for seeding. Of course they had to backfill and grade next to the cart path. Once everything was done a local sod contractor, Justin Stensland and his team came in to install sod on Friday. They are responsible for cutting all the bentgrass sod off of tees and fairway areas that are going to be disrupted and then re-install that sod. They are also installing the bluegrass sod in the rough areas. On Friday over 1.5 acres of bentgrass and bluegrass sod was cut and installed.

You can see by the following video how much work was done. Yes there is a lot of soil still exposed on this hole by that will be done very quickly once he can get back here. Everything to the north or right of the new cart path will be seeded today by our maintenance team. We seeded the green this past Monday and there is a good stand of turf coming up already.

Other groups were installing the new irrigation lines to #4 and #5 greens. Overall the mainline irrigation installation is going very well.

Another group of LUI people worked all week installing the 36” tile line from #4 lake to the south through #5. The hardest part about this install was cutting through the maintenance road and getting the pipe to the property line to pick up the water coming under the railroad tracks. Also there is still some muck that needs to be taken out of the old #5 pond area. You can see in this photo where the backhoe slid off into it and we had to pull him out.

Overall a very good week. The 2 largest or hardest components of this project are done and that is the installation of the 36” pipe. That takes a lot of time and hard work to get done. But now it is behind us and those teams of people will be moving on to greens building and seeding.