Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 8 Recap

Wow, 2 months into the project and finally I am happy to say that #2 is finished. This hole has taken a lot of work to finish off, however I think you are going to be very pleased with the end results. Yesterday a Herculean effort was put forth by Landscapes Unlimited, Stensland Sodding and members from our staff to finish sodding this hole. The bentgrass was harvested off of the tees that are going to be re-done. That sod was moved to the fairway on #2. Stensland’s crew laid that sod and they also installed just over an acre of bluegrass sod. We gave up at 7:45 last night because of the ensuing darkness. We have about 4,000 sq. ft. of bluegrass sod to lay today and the hole will be complete from the old creek to the new green. There were a lot of moving parts to this end of the hole to make it all work and to get it right. I am very pleased with the end results and the construction effort put forth by LUI. Here is a flyover video from August 7th and this morning of #2

Last Saturday 3 of our staff and myself worked a long day on Saturday to seed the area to the north of the new cart path on #2. This was seeded to an Irish fescue blend of seed, then we used a straw blower to mulch over the area. We then tucked the straw into the sold to protect against erosion. If you remember last weekend it was 95 degrees. It was a very messy and hot job to finish. I wasn’t sure when I got home that my wife was going to let me come into the house to cleanup!

This week is always a very stressful week for the DMGCC staff. We not only give support to the construction effort but we also are doing the yearly core aerification to greens, approaches and fairways. We did not get to do any aerification this past Monday because of the rain. We then completed the front 9 holes and moved to the back 9 fairways by Friday. We will finish the North greens and fairways on Monday then move to the open side of the South on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back to #4 and #5 greens. On Wednesday I spent the day with architect Tim Liddy, Daniel,(the man who builds it) discussing and fine tuning these 2 putting greens. We use a laser to take elevations of the subgrade. A lot of effort went into these greens to make sure there is plenty of cupping area and that they are playable. Today LUI will start installing drain lines in these 2 green surfaces. Meanwhile out on #4 fairway the concrete structure that bisected the fairway is now gone. LUI has 1 more day of hauling the old muck out of #5 pond and then these 2 areas will have a final grade put on it and then it will be ready for drainage and irrigation.

This is a brief flyover of #4 and #5 this morning.

All efforts will be on these 2 holes by the majority of the LUI staff. A few of the men will move ahead and start shaping the green on #7.